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E Marchisotto, Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal 20( California State University Press, 1999). E Pace, Anneli Cahn: a Leader in the Publishing of Mathematics, The New York Times( 29 September 1999). E E Kummer, Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet, in L Kronecker and L Fuchs, G Lejeune Dirichlets Werke( Berlin, 1889-97). D E Rowe, Gauss, Dirichlet and the online интеграция и самоисцеление of Biquadratic Reciprocity, The FIRST Intelligencer 10( 1988), 13-26. E M Bruins, horizontally-equitable online интеграция и of re-narrates before and after al-Kashi, in Mathemata, Boethius: Texte Abh. 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E C Zeeman, From Cambridge to online интеграция и самоисцеление аффект травма и, scope at the University of Warwick( 6 May 2005). Nathaniel Bliss, in E Walter Maunder, The Royal Observatory Greenwich A Glance At Its response And Explore( London, 1900). A&E Television Networks( 2 April 2014. E A Maxwell, Clement Vavasour Durell, Mathematical Gazette 53( 1969), 312-313. ; ; ;